Between the Lines Festival are so pleased to be welcoming The Little Story Train to our line up. 


The Little Story Train was created by Catherine Connolly. Sessions consist of an interactive storytelling with songs and actions followed by a creative craft linked to the story that has been chosen for the session.


Read below for more information on how the Little Story Train began;


“Hi, I’m  Catherine Connolly, I live in Sheffield with my two children and husband and we all simply ADORE books.
I’ve loved sharing and telling  stories all my life. As a primary school teacher and then mother of two I have had plenty of opportunities to share my love of stories. At home we read books for breakfast, books for lunch and books for tea and my two children always ask for more. My kitchen table is always a hive of busy crafty creativeness therefore we wanted to bring this element into Little Story Train too.
It was only natural that I would become a professional storyteller which is how Little Story Train came about because I just wanted to share my love and passion for books.
Through this fun loving storytelling toddler group I lead the children into the world of stories. Focusing on one of my favourite children’s books every week. The book gets really loud using voices and actions. The children are encouraged to join in with the songs, games and actions linked to the story. Every week the children create a different piece of art linked to the story. They get to explore different textures, materials  and choose different colours to create their own unique masterpiece.
Although we always like to have fun, there’s a serious aim to Little Story Train and that’s to promote a love for stories that will last a lifetime. Books are well known to help create vivid imaginations, fabulous vocabulary and excellent early literacy skills and that’s want we want all the children who come to Little Story Train to take home with them.
We are making storytellers of the future!”
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