Between the Lines Festival is a brand new children’s literature and arts event coming to Sheffield on Saturday 24th February 2018. The event is brought to you by a group of 8 final year events management students at Sheffield Hallam University. Time to meet the team!


Meet the Literature Team;

Stella Christodoulou

 Hi everyone! I’m Stella and I’m Between the Lines’ Finance and Administration Director for the literature side of the event.

As a child I loved reading books and writing stories so I’m super excited to have the opportunity to be a part of a children’s literature and arts event.

I found reading to be magical and inspiring which helped my imagination grow; I remember feeling so proud when I won a writing competition and had my story printed in the local newspaper. Dr. Seuss, Hans Christian Andersen and Jacqueline Wilson were just a few of my favourite childhood authors.

Nowadays I enjoy spending hours in bookstores, browsing through all the different types of books; it’s so hard to pick just one!

I look forward to seeing you all at the event!


Chloe Farrington-Hill


Hello! My name is Chloe and I am Marketing Director for the Literature side of BTLF.

Having two children of my own I strongly believe that a love of reading starts from birth, be it pointing out letters from your child’s name on a street sign to curling up on the sofa and chanting away to Julia Donaldson’s ‘Paper Dolls’ – a current favourite in our house. 

 As a child my most memorable books I read were the Famous Five adventures by Enid Blyton-  I can’t wait for my   children to read them too!

 We can’t wait to meet you all on the 24th of February…



Katie Quinn

Hi all!! I am the Health and safety operator for the literature side of between the lines festival, I am responsible for the risk assessments and making sure that all you lovely guests are safe.

I have a range of experience in events and have just got back from my placement year at Walt Disney World in Florida which is renowned for it’s child friendly spectacular events.

I am looking forward to introducing this event into Sheffield and can’t wait to see the legacy of it in the future.


Frances Daws-Burgess

Hello lovely people,

I am Frances and I am the Event Design Director for the literature side of Between the Lines Festival.

I am absolutely thrilled that we are able to bring a children’s literature and arts festival to Sheffield – I’ve always been a keen reader and am always on the lookout for a new book, leaving the bookstore without making a purchase takes far too much willpower!


As a child one of my favourite authors was Michael Morpurgo (he still is!) starting with the War of Jenkins Ear and Why the Whales Came. As I have become older (i’ll never grow up!) I have found a love for authors including Lauren Kate, Rainbow Rowell and John Green.

Having young nieces and nephews I am also a regular reader of Dear Zoo and the Gruffalo (if you ask me nicely i’ll recite every word!)

I can’t wait to see all your fancy dress costumes, see you on the 24th!


Meet the Arts Team;

Rebecca Payne

Hey my names Becca and I’m the Finance and administration director of Between the Lines Arts festival.

When I was younger I was always drawn to reading a Roald Dahl book, in particular Charlie and the chocolate factory. I could always rely on his books for a great time!!

 I also love to dance as I have been doing it ever since I was 3 so I’m particularly looking forward to the salsa dancing at the BTL arts festival.

So come and say Hi on the 24th!! Cant wait to see you all.


Melissa Gray

Hi everyone! I’m Melissa and I am the Operations and Health and Safety Director of the arts side of Between The Lines Festival.

When I was little I was always obsessed with the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling (I still am!) Which I why I am SUPER excited for the magician at our event! I have always been the performer in my family; dancing, gymnastics, playing instruments like the flute and drums a little, majorettes (baton twirling) and even competed nationally.

I cannot wait for the festival to come to Sheffield so everyone (not just children) can experience different forms of art!


Lily Weaver

Hi my names Lily and I’m the Event Design Director of the BTL arts festival.

I have always loved reading and when I was younger was always in the library reading all sorts of fiction, my favourite being Roald Dahl books and Jacqueline Wilson books too- my particular favourite being Tracey Beaker!

I’ve always loved being creative with arts and crafts and can’t wait for the event and to see all the children getting creative and enjoying themselves!


Shantel Claire

Hi there, my name is Shantel and I am the Marketing and Sales Director for the Arts team from BTL Festival.

I grew up reading books from Roald Dahl, Dr Seuss and A. A. Milne. I loved taking a trip the Hundred Acre Woods and I often still do when reading Winnie the Pooh to my little niece.

Coming from a very cultured background myself, I enjoy experiencing many other different cultures that this world has the offer, which is why I am extremely excited about our worldly themed festival!*-

I am super thrilled to be part of this experience and I hope you all will be too!

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